The group stood staring at a massive pile of bones, arranged in a neat pyramid. Unsure what to else to do, Benjarr took the lead and sauntered up to kick the pile. As he moved closer he noticed the faint sound of a woman crying. From behind the bone pile rose a ghostly woman, pale and beautiful. That beauty quickly shifted to horror, as her face contorted and she let out an unearthly shreik. She flew from the catacombs, up the spiral stair, and a mass of shadows followed her. The heroes were momentarily stunned and Olan was knocked unconcious. After a few moments they regained their bearings (and consciousness). Unsure what happened they decided to head back to the ground floor of the tower. As they entered the hidden room just below the ground floor they were ambushed by a flaming skull, a blazing skeleton, a pair of fire bats and a bunch of dretch hordelings. Benjarr made short work of the dretches with a well-placed dragons breath before moving on to a one-on-one with the flame skull. The fire bats and blazing skeleton kept the group on their toes, setting them on fire with each hit. But, eventually the heroes prevailed and made their way out side the tower.

Meanwhile, a dusky skined female with a rather large falcion was entering Fallcrest rightvin the middle of a pandemonium; many of the buildings were on fire and the townspeople were scrambling to put them out. The female warrior noticed a shop keeper being robbed by a gang of bandits and rushed over to help. Aside from being unceremoniously knocked on her ass, Zaane made short work of the bandits, killing two and handing the two she knocked unconscious over to the town guard. The tiefling shopkeeper (Naerumar) thanked her profusely and gave her an enchanted helmet an additional sign of thanks. Zaane asked the town guard what was going on and the guard explained the strange appearance of fire bats and demons. He told her that the majority of them had gone toward Moonstone Keep. The female warrior hefted her blade and made haste for Moonstone Keep.

Back at the island tower, the heroes had juat emerged and were witnessing the razing of their town. Mab immediately jumped in the water and swam for the other shore. Assessing the situation, they decided to split up to address multiple crises at once.
Cassius and Akriel ran to the Silver Unicorn Inn to help patrons from the burning third floor, and Benjarr and Mablung helped put out a fire in the warehouse district. As the regrouped, the foreigner Zanne came upon them and informed them of the creatures headed toward Moonstone Keep. They all made their way there as quickly as possible.

The hall of Moonstone Keep was a grim sight; many guards lay dead on the floor and Lord and Lady Markelhay were trapped in the corner by the ghostly woman from the tower and a mass of small bulbous demons and tormented spirits. The heroes set upon the evil creatures and Lord Markelhay, no longer needing to protect his wife, joined the fray as well. The Lord Warden lived up to his namesake and transformed into a fearsome half-ram, battering the ghostly woman around the hall. The heroes took down the bulbous demons, but each one they killed seemingly made the ghostly woman stronger. The spirits were less challenging, but the ghostly woman more than made up for it. Zanne rushed her with avenging fury dishing out a good deal of damage. But the ghost retaliated by dominating the avenger of Kord, setting her upon her allies. The ghost seemed intent on getting to Lady Markelhay, but the Lord Warden kept her at bay. Her attacks were vicious; lashing out with her hair and cutting the heroes through their armor. But, eventually, the heroes prevailed an beheaded the ghost.

The Lord Warden thanked the PCs but hastily departed in search for his son. He returned shortly with the body of his son and he and Lady Markelhay were quite bereaved. The heroes gave them some privacy, retreating to the entry. They noticed the cleric of Sehanine rushing into the hall and many courtiers rushing around. The Hall doors eventually reopened and courtiers with the shrouded body of Connor Markelhay left Moonstone Keep for the temple of Sehanine with the cleric and Lady Markelhay in tow. The Lord Warden called the PCs into the Hall to discuss the recent occurrence. Cassius was forthcoming with all of the information (and with a very high diplomacy roll) which assuaged the Lord Warden somewhat. He was still visibly angry at what had happened, but it seemed to be directed at himself. He wanted to see what the PCs had discovered at the tower as soon as possible. The Lord Warden had sent for Nimozoran the Green to meet them at the river.

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