2-27-09 Synopsis

After searching and defacing the shrine to Tiamat, under which Cassius finds a Holy Symbol of Bahamut (that he keeps), the party continues through the trap-laced kobold lair. They encounter a few new traps (swinging sticky ball, a room with a rolling boulder) and numerous kobolds, but defeat these obstacles with some careful planning.

The final room of the basement found the party facing off against a white dragon and some sort of magic-user. The extended battle takes most of the party's resources, but they are eventually victorious thanks to the help of a Water Genasi who had been trapped beneath the ice of a small pool in the center of the room.

The Genasi introduces himself to the party as Mab, and is quick to offer his thanks. In return, the Genasi collects several items (magic weapons and the green dragon scale) from the bottom of the pool and delivers them to the party.

Mab strikes a deal with the party wherein he gets some of the white dragon scales while the party gets the rest (and the head!). Mab then invites everyone back to meet his Master, who he is certain will be most grateful for the party's assistance in freeing Mab.

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