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Their rest in the crypt went uninterrupted aside from the occasional scratching sound from the drakes outside. The PCs managed to heal their wounds with Brother Cassius putting his new feat, Restful Healing, to good use. Once they were ready, they positioned themselves by the barricaded doors. Benjaar threw them open and the group rushed out to face the drakes. After a very frustrating battle were the PCs discovered the horrible qualities of the needlefang drake swarms, a pair of goblin sharpshooters hailed crossbow bolts on the party from afar, and Olan's instinct proved uncanny in his choice of swapping-out illusory ambush for thunderwave. Akriel and Benjaar came quite close to the brink a few times, but managed to persevere. The group ended-up pursuing the goblin crossbow-men into the second ruined tower were they were picked-off by Akriel and Hadarai.

The group finally got to inspect the stable where they found the slaughtered remains of horses and caravan guards. Amongst the carnage they found a pair of bracers of perfect shot and some discarded caravan goods. Upon inspection of their felled enemies they found a polyglot gem which allowed the possessor to speak and understand infernal, the language of demons and devils. Hadarai claimed the bracers while Akriel claimed the gem. After a quick clean-up the group found tracks leading away from the site toward the road. The group was, again, weary from their battles. So they rested again within the safety of the crypt walls. Olan used his Animal Messenger ritual to send word to Lord Markelhay of their progress and plans to follow the trail further. Once fully rested, the PCs were ready to head-out. With Hadarai in the lead, they followed the trail.

After a short trip the group spotted a horde of hobgoblins waiting in ambush on the trade road. Cassius and Benjaar decided to play-it-off as if they hadn't seen them and walked, loudly, down the road toward the trap, while the elves circled around to ambush the would-be ambushers. The hobgoblins proved hardy and possessed superior phalanx tactics, but they fell in the end. Even their little spire-top drake pet and the hobgoblin commander couldn't tip the battle in their favor.

The trail continued southeast until they came upon a crossroads with a small ruined way-station. They spotted more hobgoblin grunts milling about the area, but they themselves weren't stealthy enough and were like-wise spotted by the hobgoblins. An alarm was sounded and battle was joined once again. More hobgoblins, soldiers and archers, came rushing out of the way-station. They were followed by a hobgoblin warcaster, whom almost tipped the tables in the hobgoblin horde's favor; His Force Pulse ability lay many of the PCs prone and dazed. But, in the end, the group succeeded in defeating the warcaster and his minions. They managed to capture one of the archers for questioning. The drow loomed ominously over the archer with the dragonborn keeping him securely grappled. Interrogations would begin shortly.

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