A virtual utopia surrounded by elemental chaos, Akanul is the genasi island nation. The Akanul archipelago sits within the eye of the Maelstrom, a massive mana vortex, in the middle of the Sea of Io. Akanul is the homeland of the genasi race. The great cataclysm that occurred in the Sea of Io over three centuries ago claimed most of the southern continent, but it left behind the Akanul archipelago and the genasi with it. So, the elemental race aren't exactly newcomers to Atroa.

Aside from the frequent storms, Akanul is a tropical haven, full of exotic plants, animals and landscapes. The genasi don't segregate among their race; Airsouls work beside earthsouls, firesouls, and watersouls. And marriage between the different types is not uncommon. Other races also call Akanul home, mostly humans and half-elves, but all important positions within communities are held by genasi. Every manifestation of genasi operate as best suited to their talents; Airsouls take to patroling the skies in airships. Watersouls patrol the seas, able to remain underwater indefinitely. Firesouls often take on military or smithing positions, able to withstand the brutal heat of the forges. Earthsouls often take on agricultural or architectural tasks. Stormsouls are the most likely to train as wizards, putting their attenuation with lightning to good use alongside the airship patrols.

Internal threats are almost non-existent in the genasi's archipelago, but there is constant threat from their only neighbors; Minz. The Maelstrom has proven enough of a deterrent so far, but the archmages of Minz are nothing if not crafty. Because of this the genasi of Akanul have stepped-up their airship patrols, whose crews are usually outfitted with a genasi storm master - cleric or artificer, three or four airsoul genasi rangers, and a firesoul or watersoul genasi warlock. Genasi Storm Masters are renown for their skill with light blades and their ability to repel enemies with thunder (often used to shove unwanted or hostile beings overboard). The occasional elemental creature may drift toward Akanul from the Maelstrom and there are, at times, aquatic monsters around the islands. But nothing overly threatening, and nothing their watersoul navy can't handle. Perhaps the greatest internal threats are the frequent storms and Mount Ak; the large volcanic island.

Cities are few and far between in Akanul. The only border that concerns the genasi is the edge of the great coral reef that rings the archipelago, just inside the Maelstrom. There are two major cities in Akanul; Airspur (its capitol), and Agub. The rest of the nation is more or less fishing, farming, and hunting land, with communities devoted to each commerce. The genasi view of authority makes it hard for cities to exist, let alone for community leaders to hold any real power. Their sense of equality is truly astounding, and the fact that they can operate under such a free-form government is even more-so. The only true office of power is held by the queen, who keeps her palace on the earth mote metropolis of Airspur. She is gregarious and fair to her people; If you are a genasi, you never need go hungry in Akanul. But, ner-do-wells and criminals find their just deserts, all the same. This is not to say that the non-genasi population of Akanul is destitute, but the majority of the positions of authority (what few there are) are held by genasi.

Agub, the only other major city sits in the "gap" in the Maelstrom. It is a collection of earth motes and small islands on which the various trade guilds take-up shop. Airship and trade-galley traffic is heavy in Agub; trade from Midara Dunthrane and even St. Balthas is frequent if not constant. Despite its fractured appearance, Agub is heavily fortified against intrusion. Specialized stormsoul wizards and sorcerers stationed in the city can call upon the power of the Maelstrom at a moments notice to wreck hostile ships and airships. The Akanul Naval Academy makes its home in Agub, allowing the city to call upon hundreds of battle-ready genasi and many, many artillery airships.

Capitol: Airspur
Regional Benefit: Resist 2 cold, 2 fire, 2 thunder (increases to 3 at 11th level, and 5 at 21st level)

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