Akriel Maerdalynn

After discovering the greater Houses of Gaullidurth knew House Maerdralynn recently became followers of the Raven Queen. House Maerdralynn hastily made flight towards the surface, hoping to escape the vengeance of Lloth's followers. Akriel Maerdralynn's family was all but eliminated during their flight from the Underdark.

As a young male, Akriel was to be trained as a wizard…

4. Noble: You were born into a family of wealth and power. Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Perception.
Which great family is it? House Maerdralynn
What is the source of their wealth? Traders & Enchanters

Roll Two: Early Life
1. Isolated: You were unable or not permitted to associate with many people. Associated Skill: Perception.
Was the isolation well meant or cruel? Well meant. I was far to 'pretty' as my Matron would say. Looking back, I think it was because of the darkness she saw in my future.

Roll Three: Pivotal Event
10. Possession: You spent a period possessed by a demon, unable to prevent the
atrocities it committed with your body. Associated Language: Abyssal. Associated Skills: Arcana.
Are you trying to correct the wrongs your body performed? I have a feeling that my survival was due in part to a demon or some other being. I should have been killed along with the rest of my House. I have no recollection of the events between my House's destruction and waking up under the stars. After waking up, I felt changed. Powers previously unknown were at my command… at what cost though? Or was it the Raven Queen who intervened and spared my life? Maybe one day I will know.
Are there places where you are known as a villain? Many surface dwellers regard me as a villain. Old traditions and perceptions are hard to change.

Roll Four: Recent Life
Wanderer. I have been wandering through life with no real purpose. The surface realm has few that will take in or help out a Drow.

Akriel the Shrouded

Level 4 Drow Warlock (dark pact)
Initiative: +5
Senses: Perception +13; Insight +18; Darkvision
HP 45; Bloodied 22
AC 18; Fortitude 16; Reflex 16; Will 18
Healing Surges: 10 per day, recovers 11hp
Speed 6

Abilities: STR 12(+1); CON 18(+4); DEX 16(+3); INT 15(+2); WIS 14(+2); CHA 21(+5)

Basic Attacks: melee +3, ranged +5
Attacks: +1 Pact Dagger +7 melee (1d4+2), Morningstar +5 melee (1d10+1), Thrown Dagger +7 ranged (1d4+2), Hand Crossbow +7 ranged (1d6+3)

At-Will Powers: Eldritch Blast, Spiteful Glamour

Encounter Powers: Life Bind, Shared Agony, Darkfire or Cloud of Darkness* [racial], Delban's Deadly Attention

Daily Powers: Your Glorious Sacrifice

Utility Powers: Beguiling Tongue

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Elven
Skills: Arcana*+9, Bluff*+12, Endurance*+11, Insight*+9, Intimidate*+14, Stealth*+12
* indicates trained skills

Feats: Dark Fury, Cursed Advantage
Racial Abilities: Cloud of Darkness / Darkfire once per encounter
Class Abilities: Eldritch Blast, Prime Shot, Darkspiral Aura, Shadow Walk, Warlock's Curse, Implement- Dagger
Regional Benefit: Gains Endurance and Stealth as trained skills with a +1 bonus to each. Any saves rolled vs necrotic effects gain a +2 bonus.

Akriel's Gear

Illustration- 'Xial', by Klar- [http://www.klar.deviantart.com]

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