Berynd Yurthen

Berynd's father was a blacksmith, of great skill and reputation, and a merchant. His mother, Yurina, was a painter and sculpter. His father, Norgrim, was killed while on a routine late fall trading trip with the Blue Llama tribe. The tribe was attacked by a disorganized force of stone giants and goblins. Whurthur rallied the surprised barbarians into defensive positions & even passed his wares amongst the unarmed tribes people. He died viciously defending Yurina and her unborn child. Because of his father's actions, the Blue Llama barbarian tribe took Yurina & Berynd in as one of their own.

In his earlier teenage years, Berynd was grew up with Goliath's his own age. Playing games, wrestling, fighting, and listening to the stories and legends of the Blue Llama tribe. He was always optimistic, but most of the time he was left out or made fun of due to his height. His mother always kept an eye on him & would bring him inside to learn about their heritage and history.

Some years later, Berynd was looking through her old paintings & became enthralled. A rune stood out to him. He was obsessed by it - so obsessed that he recreated it from memory and later had it tattooed onto his palm. His mother, noticing his obsession with the rune, taught him its' secrets. At nights she would teach him about other runes and their meanings - and their power. She also taught him of their history & how they came to be. Runes of Power that Moradin himself used to fight the primordials and elementals. Berynd began integrating his teachings into his daily life. Each rune he mastered became the next tattoo on his body. A constant reminder of their meaning and his mothers teachings.

Upon reaching adulthood, Berynd was expected to complete the Blue Llama tribe's tests to prove his manhood. Being a totem-based tribe, Berynd had to find a Llama, kill it, and return with it and to duel one of his peers in their combat ring. Finding and killing a llama was a simple matter. Berynd was worried about his duel and had many sleepless nights while out hunting. He finally settled on using his runic powers as a last resort… to make up for, what he saw, his shortcomings in overall size and strength.

On the morning of the duel, Yurina came into Berynd's room and handed him a heavy object wrapped in dyed blue llama skin. Not knowing what it was, he looked searchingly at her until she motioned for him to open her gift. Holding his breath as he opened the gift, he unwrapped a magnificent gleaming war hammer. She recounted the tale of Norgrim's efforts and that he'd always looked forward to the day when he could pass one of his greatest creations onto his first son. Holding back tears, he quickly wrapped his ma into a hug. After a long moment, she broke the hug and reminded him of the morning's challenge.

Berynd started the duel using solely his father's war hammer and relying on the few skills taught him by the tribe's war coordinator. Having done very little practice in regular martial combat, he was not fairing well against his opponent.

- tattoos flare with power when used - rather than traditional icons / totems with runes scribed on them.
- ousted from tribe, dishonorably in combat, for using runic abilities
- mother left with berynd to seek runic mentors & unlock new runic powers / abilities
- mother died while seeking Rune of Boundless Fury, Berynd made it his quest to find it
- After finding the Rune of Boundless Fury & mastering it.. he also found some references to the Lost Runes of Unmaking - which he believed were only myth. His mother had told him about them in stories as a child growing up.
- He made it his quest to seek the Lost Runes of Unmaking and master them…. all.
- After years of searching, many dead ends, Berynd became disillusioned with his quest and he settled down & had a child
- Wife & child were missing upon his return from town. A piece of parchment with four symbols - earth, fire, wind, water - was left on the table. The four Lost Runes. His anger & frustration renewed, Berynd set out to find his family.. and if they presented themselves… The Lost Runes.

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