Captain Adaira Wixom

Adaira Wixom, like most genasi, was raised in the sheltered nation of Akanul. Her parents, both stormsoul genasi, ran a small trade company between Midara and Agub. She often accompanied them on their trips, and enjoyed nothing more than being on an airship.

It was during one such trip, however, that their airship was caught in an awful storm and most of the crew, including her parents, were killed in the wreck. Aidara was found by a patrol of watersoul genasi scouts, barely alive. After being rushed to medical aid and told of her parents demise, Adaira became obsessed with the storms surrounding Akanul and the Maelstrom. Over time, she came to master strange powers associated with thunder and lightning, and the medical officers that had all but adopted her taught her the ways of medicine.

When Aidara was old enough she joined the Akanul Naval Academy, putting to use the skills she had learned on her own. She excelled quickly and graduated very early. After being assigned to a ship, she climbed the ranks of authority, pulling the crew out of one bad situation after another. Eventually she made Captain, and was assigned her own ship; the Blue Narciss. Captain Aidara spent many years in service to Akanul, until she felt the need for more. With a plea to the Akanul military she was given an honorable discharge, and with the funds her parents had left her she purchased the Blue Narciss.

Captain Adaira Wixom now uses her ship to run the same trade company her parents had before their deaths. Although, she travels much farther than Sprohm, often going as far north as Hammerfast. The Blue Narciss has been modified heavily for speed, defense, and artillery, and is unique among airships.

Captain Wixom, or just Wixom as she likes to be called, has purplish skin with blonde energy lines and blonde crystal-like "hair". She's of average height and always carries her longsword. She has a great sense of humor and often jokes around with her crew, who would readily give their lives for her. Wixom is personable but stern, she knows how to run a tight ship and her crew respects her for it. Aidara is the first on deck when under attack, backing-up her crew with her stormmaster powers.

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