Cassius Brand

In front of you kneels a young man, his form obscured by a large white robe trimmed in silver thread. His head is hooded, bowed in prayer, and he looks up as you approach. "If you are wounded, allow me to heal you. If you are tired and hungry, rest here and regain your strength. The Dragon shelters all those in need."

He pauses, and you notice his hands are grasping the haft of a large weapon on the floor in front of him. As he continues, he rises up, drawing a two-handed morningstar up with him in a smooth motion. "But if you seek to harm those in my care, or to defile this place, know that you have no friend here. The corrupt and the wicked have no place in this hall, and instead of aid will find only destruction."

The man reaches up to draw back his hood, and you see the glint of chainmail beneath his robes. He appraises you with a steady, youthful eye, and through some trick of the light or something else entirely, the dragon head medallion at his neck flares with a sudden intensity.

"Now what say you, friend?"

Level 2 Human Cleric of Bahamut
Initiative: +2
Senses: Perception +13
HP 33; Bloodied 16
AC 18; Fortitude 15; Reflex 14; Will 19
Healing Surges: 9 per day, recovers 8hp
Speed 5

Abilities: STR 16(+3); DEX 12(+1); CON 14(+2); INT 12(+1); WIS 20(+5); CHA 14(+2)

Basic Attacks: melee +4, ranged +2
Attacks: Morningstar +6 melee (1d10), Crossbow +4 ranged (1d8)

At-Will Powers: Lance of Faith, Sacred Flame, Priest's Shield

Encounter Powers: Healing Strike, Healing Word [class], Channel Divinity: Turn Undead [class]. Channel Divinity: Divine Fortune [class], Channel Divinity: Armor of Bahamut [class]

Daily Powers: Beacon of Hope

Utility Powers: Shield of Faith

Rituals Known: Gentle Repose, Make Whole, Tenser's Floating Disk, Comprehend Languages

Alignment: Lawful Good
Languages: Common, Supernal
Skills: Arcana+2, Athletics+3, Bluff+3, Diplomacy*+8, Dungeoneering+6, Endurance+2, Heal*+11, History*+7, Insight*+11, Intimidate+3, Nature+6, Perception*+13, Religion*+9, Streetwise+3
* indicates trained skills

Feats: Human Perseverance (+1 to saving throws), Armor of Bahamut, Restful Healing
Racial Abilities: Bonus At-Will Power, Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Human Defense Bonuses
Class Abilities: Channel Divinity, Healing Lore, Healing Word, Ritual Casting
Regional Benefit: Armitage Trained in Religion, Perception, +2 to all Religion and Perception checks

Cassius' Gear


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