Pacts, ages old, with devils and demons have twisted the nation of Ckalle into an evil and hateful place. The primarily tiefling population are the scions of Bael Turath and have learned little from their ancestors' mistakes. Many pay homage to Asmodeus and Bane, using intrigue and military force to threaten nearby Armitage. Some go with less traditional worship and even go so far as to awaken vestiges of demons and devils past for their own benefit.

While tieflings are by far the majority populous, there are also many unscrupulous firesoul genasi, humans, dwarves, half-orcs, and even a few dragonborn and warforged. The church of Bane and the cult of Asmodeus are not in a position of dogmatic authority, but the nation's ruler, Karddiith Gnoa-Toth, often defers to their council. Karddith is a massive goliath warlord who has proven herself a shrewd and able tactician. Twisted magic, and demonic pacts have warped her physical form; her skin is tougher than plate armor, and she towers over even the largest male of her species. St. Balthas has sworn a blood-oath to destroy Karddith himself and should that battle ever come it will surely rock the foundations of the northern continent.


Capitol: Ebn
Regional Benefit: Resist 3 fire, 3 necrotic (increases to 4 at 11th level, and 6 at 21st level)

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