Some say that Nenlast is the last outpost of civilization (hence the name) when heading north through the Borderlands. Some would argue that Dragomir is in fact the northernmost city in Nerath. The latter group would be grossly incorrect. Dragomir is the decaying husk of a once proud city-state.

The necrotic poison that is Gardusk has long ago infested this city, changing it into a necropolis. Vampires are commonplace within its walls, and their thralls swarm the streets. No-one leads a normal life in Dragomir. They are either glamoured by, or a meal for, a vampire. Slaves are regularly brought in from Ckalle, for which the undead lords pay handsomely. The ruling family of vampires, the Von Zarovich family, has been the cities political figure-head since before the depredations of Gardusk. They are now thoroughly corrupt and prey on the weak of the city. Count Strahd Von Zarovich is perhaps the most infamous vampire on all of Atroa.

What few "normal" citizens exist in Dragomir do so by staying mobile and constantly prepared for attacks from undead; the Vistani. Nomads by force, these industrious people have adapted to the harsh situation. Vistani caravans often camp in the forests surrounding Dragomir, usually near a river. The Vistani mystics play a large role in defending their people from evil. While the majority of the Vistani are human there exist other races among their kind, including halfling, shifter, and half-elf. And while these are the most common Vistani races, it is by no means a universal rule. Their caravans travel down into the Borderlands on rare occasions, bringing their craftworks to sell in Nenlast and sometimes Fallcrest.

Dragomir is mostly inactive during the daylight hours. However, there exist dhampyr within the city, able to operate under the sun's scrutiny. While most of these versatile vampires are evil, some travel with the Vistani, looking for a way to lift their cursed bloodline.

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