Poised and mysterious, Fflar is a perfect physical example of his people. Born in the enigmatic eladrin country of Iirrivaumn, Fflar grew-up at the knees of powerful eladrin spellcasters. His care-givers had hoped his talent for wizardry would manifest like most of his race, but he disappointed many of them as year after year his talents seemingly lay dormant. Fflar resorted to petty thievery as a way to vent, yet discovered his own aptitude for it. It was not until Fflar discovered Pact Magic that he tasted the arcane. Some unknown shadowy entity bestowed its power unto he handsome young eladrin, but when he displayed his newfound powers to the council, their reception was less than warm. Branded as a outcast, Fflar left Iirrivaumn on the next airship.

Eventually Fflar found himself in the metropolis of Dunthrane, and it was there that he found his calling. The country of Dunador prided itself on its drow-free status, many of the known caverns leading to the underdark within the country's borders are regularly patrolled. Fflar joined these patrols as a drow-hunter. His skill at stealth and subterfuge made him an excellent scout, and he even studied his enemy to better understand what he was fighting. Fflar mastered the drow fighting style, and excelled particularly well with the hand crossbow. Before his twelfth tour in the caverns, he commissioned a special magical hand crossbow for himself from the royal magisters. Blackstar, as he calls it, is a beautiful ebony and black pearl-inlaid hand crossbow, with a stock that curves under the wielder's forearm for added stability. This stock is carved into the likeness of a black adder with a black pearl-inlaid star on its brow. This, coupled with the manifestation of many of Fflar's arcane powers, earned him the nickname "Starbrow" (and "Serpent" among the drow he hunted).

His renown grew within the walls of Dunthrane, and he caught the eye of an eladrin noble-woman; Duladora Amarillis. The two became inseparable, as the customary eladrin courtship commenced. Fflar had to be careful to keep his thieving ways a secret, because even though he was payed by the crown to hunt drow, the eladrin still loved the rush of pulling-off a good heist or knikking a heavy purse. Eventually Duladora caught on to his ways, and their courtship waned for a bit, but soon they were in each others' arms again. She had forgiven him his larcenous side and they spent many good years together in the capitol.

However, Fflar's old ways came back to haunt him in the form of a thieves guild of which he'd run afoul. They kidnapped Duladora and demanded a ransom. Her family trusted Fflar to handle the drop, but things quickly went sour and Duladora was killed by an errant spell. Fflar's rage was inhuman as he laid waste to the entire guild with the dark magic bestowed upon him by his shadowy patron. Some say Fflar embraced his dark nature that day. Ever since, he's lacked the jovial nature that made him so popular on royal patrols. He became isolated from the daylight and stalked the nighttime streets of Dunthrane, stealing and murdering other thieves. It was not until he received a missive from the Borderland village of Wellspring that he even considered doing anything else with his life.

Fflar stands at just over five and a half feet, with raven black hair, pale skin, and brilliant golden eyes. He is never without his elegant enchanted hand crossbow and many, many crossbow bolts. He carries a glassy black shortsword, given to him by his shadowy patron and several daggers and shuriken, though you would be hard pressed to spot them. Fflar wears a pale blue diadem on his brow, reinforcing his nickname.

As detailed and nuanced as Fflar's origins might be, in reality there is no Fflar Starbrow. There once was, but he was disposed of and his identity taken by the drow mercenary known as 'the Serpent'. The Serpent posed as Fflar for decades, working for the crown of Dunthrane, hunting other drow right under the noses of the naive humans. He excelled at this, being a drow himself, so no-one ever thought twice.

The Serpent (when not under an illusory guise) appears as a drow male of medium height, with short silvery hair. His skin is dark gray and seems to trail shadows like cobwebs. His left eye is golden and glows the same color when he uses his darkvision. He wears an eyepatch (Eyepatch of Disguise) over his right eye. Wether it covers a mangled eye or is simply an affectation is unknown. The Serpent carries a plethora of light blades (shuriken, daggers, short swords) and crossbow bolts on his person, hidden within the folds of his drowmesh leather armor. In combat, he seems to slip in and out of sight as he moves, pulling the shadows around him like a cloak.

The Serpent's goals are his own, though his powers most certainly stem from the Shadowfell. His acumen for subterfuge is obvious, but is he capable of darker deeds? It is unknown if he poses a threat to those with whom he travels…

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