House Rules


Spell Thief
-Prerequisites: Rogues' Sneak Attack or Assassins Shroud Class Feature, Training in Arcana, 3rd level.
-Benefits: You may swap-out one of your 3rd level encounter powers for the following power;

"Mine"; standard action; encounter; Arcane, Psychic, Reliable; Charisma+2 vs. Will;
Ranged 10; 2d6+Charisma modifier psychic damage and the target looses the use of one of its encounter or rechargeable powers or 5 points of a resistance it possesses. You then gain one use of the power or the 5 points of resistance until the end of your next turn. When used, the power retains all attack and damage variables, as if the target itself had used it. After you use the power once, or at the end of your next turn, the target regains use of the power. You cannot take powers that have already been used by the target in a given encounter. The power taken must have a keyword other than 'Weapon' and it must be a ranged, area, zone, blast, or burst effect. Resistances taken in this manner eliminate or reduce the resistance of the target. Effects that change the type of resistance may not be applied, as with Variable resistance.

At 11th level you gain 2 uses of an encounter power or 10 points of resistance the target possesses.
At 21st level you gain 4 uses of an encounter power or 20 points of resistance the target possesses.

Outside of combat, you can take powers from willing targets without dealing damage, simply with a touch. You gain the use of the power or resistance for 5 minutes or until expended.


-Rogue Weapon Talent
Sniper Talent
You prefer the elegance of a bow to that of a crossbow. You've learned to channel your rogue powers through a longbow, making you a deadly sniper.
-You gain proficiency with the longbow and shortbow.
-You can use a longbow or shortbow to deliver Sneak Attack damage or use any rogue power or paragon power that requires you to use a crossbow.
This replaces the Rogue Weapon Talent presented in the PHB.

-Rogue Tactics
Elusive Shadow Tactic
-You gain a +2 bonus to AC vs opportunity attacks while making a ranged attack. If you are hidden when you miss with a ranged attack you remain hidden.
You may choose the Elusive Shadow Tactic in place of the Artful Dodger, Brutal Scoundrel, Cunning Sneak, or Ruthless Ruffian tactics.


The regional benefits introduced in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide offer special abilities, resistances and skills to characters depending on their origin. Instead of simply adding a skill to a character's class list from which they may pick, We decided to fully give a character training in one or two skills as well as bonuses to those skills in most cases.

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