Lord Markelhay

Lord Faren Markelhay IV is the hereditary Lord Warden of Fallcrest in the Borderlands. His family has ruled this small city for five generations; passing down the power and responsibility to protect Fallcrest from father to son. It is rumored that Lord Abik Markelhay, the first of the Markelhays to rule, made a pact with the natural forces of the Nentir Vale to better protect his beloved city. If this is true, Faren Markelhay would have inherited this pact upon taking the title of "Lord Warden". And it would explain the ferocity and strange shape-changing abilities Faren has in combat.

Though he has not been called to battle often while on the throne, Lord Faren Markelhay has tipped the scales in Fallcrest's favor each time. Soldiers on the field have stated that they saw Lord Markelhay transform into a great ram and batter an entire squad of hobgoblins. Others have seen him in this same form, charging across the battlefield to bash an ogre with his shield, knocking the beast back fifteen feet on its posterior. Any who were lucky enough to stand with Lord Markelhay on the battlefield say they owe their lives to the Lord Warden, and that there are none better suited to rule Fallcrest.

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