Mablung Boon

Mablung, or 'Mab' for short, grew up on the shores of Akanul. The progeny of a windsoul genasi mother and a watersoul genasi father, Mab discovered how to switch between manifestations early in life. He enjoyed exploring the waters surrounding the islands and the many earth motes dotting Akanul's skies. This dual manifestation has since left him, but it reappears occasionally, however briefly. He led a carefree life, until he heard the voice of Krakas. Insistent and unscrupulous, Krakas told Mab of things to come and made him do things that seemed strange or even insane at the time, but as time progressed it became apparent that Krakas was predicting storms, monster attacks, and eruptions from Mount Ak. Once Mab realized what was happening he made a pact with Krakas and became a sorcerer, tapping the unchecked power of the elemental chaos. The Akanul Navy was more than happy to accept someone as skilled as Mablung, though they had heard of his eccentricities. Mab served for six months but found it less to his liking than he had initially thought.

One morning, Krakas woke Mab with a vision of an airship. With no idea what the vision meant, Mab nevertheless sought it out. The Blue Narciss was the name of the vessel and it had just made port that morning at Agub, the trading city. With a little fact finding, Mab discovered that the Blue Narciss wasn't part of the Akanul Navy, and was in fact independently owned by a former naval officer; Captain Wixom. Also, the ship had recently lost a crew member. The airship was due to leave for Sprohm that evening. Krakas obviously wanted Mab to leave Akanul, so, having learned to trust Krakas' insticnts, Mablung signed-on as part of the crew and left Akanul.

Mab had never been outside the Maelstrom before, and Sprohm was decidedly different than Akanul. He met his first warforged, dwarf, and teifling in Midara. The diversity was something he welcomed, having grown-up around primarily genasi his whole life. Once business was sorted in Midara, Wixom set course for the Borderlands. Their trip would take them just outside the trade city of Fallcrest

Mab is a fairly stoic person. He says very little, relying on his actions to get his point across; talking just wastes time, in his opinion. Unlike most others of his racial manifestation, Mab has thick, kelp colored "hair". He wears clothing that shows-off his energy lines, in which he takes great pride. His eyes are like dark stagnant pools but flare with white fire when he uses his sorcerer powers. Mab is always lost in thought, or internal conversation with Krakas, and he's easily distracted.

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