Ruled by spiteful and megalomaniacal spellcasters, Minz is a nation where the common man is exploited and magic is deified. The magocracy of Minz is no place for non-spellcasters, even initiates of the art are treated as servants to the powerful archmages and liches of the nation. Humans make up the vast majority of the population, though some have become undead spellcasters of great power. Other races exist within Minz' borders, but most are enslaved or downtrodden. Half-orcs actually outnumber the humans but aren't counted since they are treated as a slave race along with most of their goblinoid half-relatives. Tieflings are one of the few other races to hold prominent positions within Minz in large numbers, while even a handful of eladrin (those depraved and vainglorious few) are counted among the elite.

The Archmage of Minz is the female mind-mage Queen Bellarris. Her psychic and arcane powers are unmatched, and those foolish enough to test her find themselves quickly within her thrall. If her skill weren't deterrent enough, Queen Bellarris employs the aid of loyal mind-flayers. This alone should suggest the level of power behind Bellarris. Little known to her adversaries, Bellarris is actually a kalashtar and keeps her third eye hidden with a powerful illusion, appearing as human albeit with glowing eyes.

Capitol: The Tower
Regional Benefit: Gain Arcana and History as trained skills and a +1 bonus to any Arcana and History checks. Once per day you may reroll a failed save vs an ongoing magical effect. You must keep the new roll, even if its worse.

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