The remains of a nation spread too thin, the ruins of Nerath are home to many a fell creature and can be found throughout most of the central continent of Atroa. In fact, the nation's old borders encompass what is now known as the Borderlands. Only the truly hardy and survivalist make their home here; Rifts to the Shadowfell are not uncommon, as are mana vortices. Monsters of every kind roam the countryside harrying caravans and travelers. Those unwise enough to stray from the main roads find a quicker death than most. Marauding bands of kobolds, gnolls, goblins, orcs, and things far, far worse can be found here. The Borderlands stretch from the Squall Glacier in the north, down through the Nentir Vale between the Dawnforge and Stonemarch mountain ranges. It continues down through old Nerath between the Landscreen and the Veronian Mountains to the northern border of Dunador. It cuts west along the Landscreen and the western border of Dunador to end at the Sea of Io in the south. Much of the land east of the Dawnforge Mountains is considered Borderlands, including the northern city-state of Dragomir. The Borderlands east of the Dawnforge are particularly nasty as they share a border with Gardusk. Many horrors from the Shadowfell roam the countryside and its taint has already claimed the innocence of Dragomir. The massive stretch of the Borderlands also encompasses many other civilized areas including; Fallcrest, Winterhaven, Hammerfast, Harkenwold, and Andevar (Dunador's northern province).

The Borderlands remains unclaimed by its surrounding nations, due largely in part to its monstrous population. Though Dunador has attempted to reclaim a small portion in the form of Andevar, and while this northern province is considered part of Dunador, it is nowhere near as safe. Truly, the Borderlands hold nothing of interest to its neighbors, but adventurers from all around Atroa are certain to find a bit of excitement therein. The secrets of Nerath are a century old, and they are sure to hold treasures and trepidation.

The population of Nerath is as varied as it is sparse. Nearly every civilized race is present therein, even surface-dwelling drow. Although, civilized areas are few and far between. Nomadic shifter tribes are not uncommon, and goliaths have been known to descend the mountain ranges occasionally. The people who make their home in the Borderlands are hardier than average, lending them the knowledge borne of experience to deal with the various horrors that dwell in the ancient ruins of Nerath.

Thakas & Sentitent
The borderlands west of Andevar, bordering Dunador on the northwest, are former principalities of that civilized southern nation; Thakas and Sentitent.

Thakas, the southernmost, is ruled justly by Lord Arindast Fernol (a paladin of Pelor), and is on good terms with Dunador and her allies. Sentitent, however, sits just north of Thakas and festers like a sore on the landscape. Sentitent serves none but itself and the thoroughly corrupt Lord Ginkis Terbov. The two nations are constantly at each others' throats, hiring-out to mercenary companies and adventuring parties to augment their own small armies.

Gardmore Abbey
The Gardbury Downs take their name from this striking ruin, a large monastery that has lain in ruins for almost one hundred fifty years. The abbey was dedicated to Bahamut and served as the base of a militant order of paladins who won great fame fighting in Nerath's distant crusades. As the story goes, the paladins brought a dark artifact back from a far crusade for safekeeping, and evil forces gathered to assault the abbey to take it back. Extensive dungeons lie beneath the ruins, which might still conceal the hoarded wealth of the old crusading paladins. But, it may also hold remnants of the horrors that destroyed them.

It is rumored that old Lord Markelhay, during the battle against the Bloodspear Horde, fled into the catacombs of Gardmore Abbey and never came out. Murgeddin, the leader of the guards at the Wizards' Gate in Fallcrest, is an old dwarf and veteran of that hellish battle. He'll tell anyone who'll listen that he suspects old Lord Markelhay took the family's ancestral sword with him - Andara Markelhay's magic longsword Moonbane. It lies somewhere below the abbey.

The Chaos Scar- More than two centuries ago, a great meteor fell from the heavens and created a massive crater in the wilderness west of the Witchlight Fens. Unfortunately, the wilderness where it struck was not uninhabited; A powerful goliath sorcerer named Voran Earthmantle had constructed a massive and complex underground keep in which to conduct his arcane studies. When the meteor hit, it destroyed the keep, along with many other features of the terrain. Only the ground floor of the keep and the laboratory beneath it escaped destruction, but they were buried in the wake of the meteor's fall. Voran himself survived the devastation and gathered what he could of his studies, leaving the keep for lands unknown. Many of his arcane accomplishments lie dormant within the Chaos Scar, waiting to be found. The landscape around the crater, today, is a desolate ruin inhabited by many fell beasts. Some say that there is something in the crater that calls to them. Others claim that there is a corruption in the crater that thins the walls of reality, opening rifts into the Far Realm. Whatever the situation, there is adventure and treasure to be found in the Chaos scar, and Peridin Drysdale, Restwell Keep's ruler, is anxious to hire brave adventurers to clean it out.
(for the original Chaos Scar story and more adventures, check out Dungeons & Dragons Online.)

Capitol: None
Regional Benefit: Gain bonus feat— Skill Training- Nature or Dungeoneering, or Skill Focus- Nature or Dungeoneering if you are already trained, or Durable.

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