Olan Llaumnua

Olan lived most of his life within the borders of the isolated eladrin homeland, Iirivaumnurruadica. When an airship from Sprohm listed into his village he was one of the few to help its crew. Olan wished to see the world and so left the eladrin homeland on the airship. The many enchanted baubles and machinery interested Olan greatly. He wanted to master the arts of magic, but lacked a teacher. On the airship's next stop he inquired around the town for a wizard willing to take-on an apprentice. It just so happened to be the borderland town of Fallcrest, and the local Wizard, Nimozaran the Green, was eager to teach one so exotic to the area. His current paige, Tobolar, was no more than a bumbling fool. So, Olan began his studies at the Septarch's Tower in Fallcrest, leaving the airship to its journeys. A short time after arriving in town he met another eladrin by the name of Hadarai. The two became fast friends, being the only eladrin in Fallcrest.

Olan, while breathtaking as a fey-male specimen, is somewhat of a social inept. He remains fairly quiet most of the time, knowing better than to risk putting his foot in his mouth. He prefers to speak with his expressive, blue eyes instead. His blonde hair falls to his waist and he still wears the clothing and eladrin jewelry from his homeland.

Level 3 Eladrin Wizard (Multiclass Swordmage)
Initiative: +9
Senses: Perception +3; Insight +8; Low Light Vision
HP 30; Bloodied 15
AC 15 (16 when wielding a staff); Fortitude 12; Reflex 15; Will 16
Healing Surges: 7 per day, recovers 7 hp
Speed 6

Abilities: STR 13(+1); DEX 18(+4); CON 12(+1); INT 18(+4); WIS 14(+2); CHA 10(+0)

Basic Attacks: melee +2, ranged +5
Attacks: Longsword +5 melee (1d8+2), +1 Staff of the Warmage +5 melee (1d8+3)

Cantrips: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Light

At-Will Powers: Magic Missile, Thunderwave

Encounter Powers: Grasping Shadows, Hypnotic Pattern, Fey Step [racial]

Daily Powers: Phantom Chasm, Sleep (one per day, i.e.; either Sleep or Phantom Chasm)

Utility Powers: Shield, Phantasmal Terrain (one per day, i.e.; either Shield or Phantasmal Terrain)

Rituals Known: Tenser's Floating Disk, Silence, Animal Messenger

Alignment: Good
Languages: Common, Elven
Skills: Acrobatics*+10, Arcana*+12, Dungeoneering*+8, History*+7, Insight*+8, Nature*+9
* indicates trained skills

Feats: Improved Initiative, Blade Initiate- Gains use of Swordmage implements (blades); training in Arcana; and once per day as a minor action Olan may invoke the Swordmage Warding: Olan gains +1 to AC until the end of the encounter if wielding a blade (+3 if his off-hand is empty), Ritual Casting*
Racial Abilities: Eladrin Education, Eladrin Weapon Proficiency, Eladrin Will, Fey Origin, Trance, Fey Step
Class Abilities: Implement Mastery; Staff of Defense- +1 to AC when wielding a staff. Once per encounter gain +2 to a single defense (immediate interrupt), Cantrips, free Ritual Casting feat, Spellbook
Regional Benefit: Once per encounter, Olan may reroll a failed save vs a Charm effect at a +5 bonus.

Olan's Gear

Illustration- 'Luke', by Klar ([http://www.klar.deviantart.com])

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