Perhaps the most magically and technologically advanced nation on the face of Atroa, Sprohm sits across the western reaches of the Stonemarch Mountains and the Landscreen. Earth motes are common in Sprohm and many are used to build floating strongholds or even cities. Their skies have been dominated, due to their airship technology; a combination of magic and steam-powered engines. Many of the cities are quintessentially industrial, churning out mass-produced products from weapons to furniture. The population of Sprohm is predominately dwarven and warforged, with humans as a close second. In fact the warforged race's birthplace was the capitol city of Midara in Sprohm, where wizards claim they received divine inspiration to create the semi-construct humanoids, over two hundred years ago. Most other races are present among Sprohm's populous, but the elusive and consummately evil drow have no permanent residents in the steam-powered nation.


The many artificers and wizards of Sprohm have contributed much to the world of Atroa, though not without price. Much of the landscape surrounding Sprohm's industrial cities is ravaged by strip mines and lumberyards. This has displaced much of the native animal species, and enraged the many monstrous creatures that roam the countryside. Needless to say; travel throughout Sprohm is almost exclusively done by airship and with a heavy escort of spellcasters and archers. The Elven and Eladrin nations of Atroa see Sprohm as an abomination, akin to that of the undead nation of Gardusk, for their raping of the land. The masters of the industrial nation wish to appease their troubled neighbors and make efforts to repair some of the damage done by their picks and axes. But 'progress' is a fast train that, once going, is difficult to stop. The Genasi nations to the south are the most frequent traders with Sprohm. Their conservationist practices seemingly not a factor to the nature-sensitive, elemental race.

Religion, while not prevalent in Sprohm, still plays a small part in sprohmanns' lives. The dwarves, almost as a rule, steadfastly worship Moradin. While the humans and warforged split their devotions among Erathis, Ioun, and Kord, depending on their penchants. No evil gods are openly worshiped in Sprohm, but the names of Vecna and Bane are often whispered among their faithful.

Sprohm is bordered by the Landscreen to the north and east, and the Sea of Io to the south and west. Midara is Sprohm's largest port city and boasts many of its technological wonders, including steam-powered trains. The majority of Midara is built upon a massive earth mote that floats above a mostly industrial, terrestrial lower city. Travel between the upper and lower cities is done by air-cabs, small magically powered airships. Midara's harbor sees many ships from Dunador and Akanul, while the upper city's airship-port sees the majority of its traffic from Minz, the unscrupulous nation of spellcasters. Sprohm's most important exports are perhaps its magical and technological items, while it primarily imports raw materials and produce from other countries.

Another interesting sight within Sprohm's borders is the Desert of Black Sand. This desert sits more or less within the center of the nation spreading from the outskirts of Midara to the southern reaches of Vink. Its name describes it perfectly, it is a seemingly endless stretch of sand made from black volcanic stone.


For those nations and city-states that can afford it, Sprohm also offers its many airship designs for trade or sale. But they are anything but cheap, and the cost to keep them running, alone, is enough to make most nobles blush. No matter the design, wether the airship stays buoyant by magically powered sails or balloons full of magically infused gas, all airships require the same fuel; Greenfire Coal, and it is only made in Midara. The many massive charcoal furnaces have claimed their fair share of trees, much to the dismay of the elven and eladrin nations. The sky above the lower city is choked with smoke and, with the addition of the shadow of the upper city, casts lower Midara in an almost eternal night.

Sprohm's army, the Sprohm-Knights, is an elite force of warforged warriors. A few humans and dwarves are counted among their ranks, but the bulk of Sprohm's military is comprised of warforged. If that wasn't intimidating enough, their forces have been known to include titans (huge warforged the size of a giant) and slaughterstone constructs. Since Sprohms borders are fairly secure (the Landscreen on two sides and the Sea of Io on the other two) the Sprohm-Knights see most of their action outside its borders, often taking airships or steam-trains to areas where their force is needed.

The political authority in Sprohm defers to a council of artificers, mostly dwarven and warforged, who decide on the issues of the nation. The council holds five seats, one for each of the major cities in Sprohm; The Midara Seat, occupied by Azm, a warforged. The Boddle Seat, occupied by Hawvost Steelfist, a dwarf. The Gep Seat, occupied by Book, a warforged. The Torrig Seat, occupied by Chem, a warforged. And the Vink Seat, occupied by Arin Dawnlight, a human. Each council member is responsible for the decisions made in their respective cities, but larger decisions that effect all of Sprohm are made by the council as a whole.

With such extraordinarily advanced technology and firepower its a wonder that Sprohm isn't the dominating power on Atroa. A wonder that has come to nag at the minds of some of the higher powers of the nation. Dark promises and honeyed words from ambassadors from Minz have already begun to set ominous events in motion.






Capitol: Midara
Regional Benefit: You gain Endurance as a trained skill. You also gain +3 to all Endurance checks.

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