The Landscreen

The Landscreen could best be described as an airbound mountain range. It looks as if the land exploded and then froze in time mid-blast. Floating around the prime meridian of Atroa are a plethora of densely grouped earth motes boulders and stones of other various sizes known as the Landscreen. It cleanly bi-sects the world into its eastern (Shima-To) and western (Bael-Nerath) hemispheres. It hedges Iirivaumn in on the north pole, just barely, on the eastern hemisphere, making entry into the eladrin realm possible from Bael-Nerath, but deadly to those not invited. The Landscreen stretches around Atroa completely, and if one were to view it from high enough, they would see that it is an extension of Atroa's planetary ring. Meteor storms are commonplace near the Landscreen. This makes travel beyond the Landscreen, by any means, impossible. Where it crosses land, treacherous earthquakes lava flows and rock-slides deter travelers, and where it crosses water scalding steam whirlpools and violent storms stop ships dead. Most of the earth motes and stones are stationery, while others rotate of even revolve around set paths. Many a daring explorer has tried to brave the stoney obstacle only to loose his life and the lives of their companions.

Before the Godswar, when Tiamat and Bahamut were the same draconic deity known as Io, a great battle took place between the god Io and the god-like entity known as Marduk. The battle raged for days (decades by mortal reckoning) with no apparent victor. But, eventually Marduk gained the advantage and struck Io with a fiery radiance so powerful that it cleaved the draconic deity in two. This blast not only struck Io, but the world as well, nearly splitting it in half. The goddess Atroa, then the goddess of spring and renewal, gave her life to repair the planet. The world was spared, but not unchanged; Atroa was gone and the Landscreen was created. The world was renamed for the deity that gave her life (there is much speculation as to the name of the world previously, but none know for sure) and Bahamut and Tiamat were born.

Many monstrous flying races make the Landscreen their home including chimeras, griffons, and even dragons. If the promise of a crushing death weren't enough to deter those with a daring spirit, the added threat of becoming a dragon's meal surely is. In addition to housing many fell flying species, the Landscreen seems to have become an odd breeding ground, creating cross-species and evolved monsters. So far, the only such creature discovered has been a breed of gliding bulette. But there are sure to be more and varied horrors hidden within the Landscreen.

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