Located at the southern pole of Atroa, ringed by a massive mountain range and deadly jungle, Tyrr is a remote and enigmatic dimensional anomaly. Travel far enough south through the jungles of Esziss and you'll eventually hit the wall that is known as the Tyrr Mountains. Nearly impassable, they contain a secret known only to the bravest of explorers. Beyond the mountains lies a world unlike the rest of Atroa; a massive and perilous desert spans the horizon as you crest the secret passes of the Tyrrs. And a massive, blood-red sun assaults your eyes and sears your skin. Traveling further through the deserts reveals many more and distinct differences. Tyrr is not so much a nation or even a continent, but a world in and of itself.

When half of the god Io plummeted into the southern pole of Atroa the power of the magical energies released warped the fabric of reality creating a gateway to another world. Some postulate that Tyrr is a massive pocket dimension, others say its another reality; an entirely different world. Both theories hold some truth. Most people, both on Atroa and Tyrr, seem generally unaware of the other plane's existence. Events that occur in one realm seem to have little if any impact on the other. Somethings hold true from Atroa to Tyrr, but the two dimensions have very different histories. How one race came to be in Tyrr might not necessarily be the same case in Atroa.

Gaining access to Tyrr is not an easy thing, and getting back is even more difficult. Airship travel over the Tyrr Mountains reveals only a gargantuan crater at the center of the range, though no where near large enough to contain an entire world. Only by passing through specific points in the mountains, by foot, can one find their way to Tyrr. Once there, however, one must prepare to deal with an extremely harsh environment. Not even the Aranath Desert can compare with the horrors of Tyrr.

Despite its universally arid landscape, there are a few civilizations dotting the desert. These cities are usually ruled by corrupt and powerful sorcerer kings, and one must be careful not to attract too much attention to oneself.

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